We Low Bar, Press, Bench, Deadlift and Power Clean, Snatch and Jerk.  We love our 5s and 3s and believe that legitimate strength takes years to build while conditioning can be positively affected in a matter of weeks. We train in this manner because strength is the most easily controlled trait that can affect performance on the platform, in the gym and in the real world.  

Because a stronger athlete is a better athlete and because a stronger person is harder to kill and thus infinitely more useful.

We require a free assessment before you join up or we also offer a FREE community class on Saturday mornings through the RSVP system on the edge of the screen or  contact us  directly to RSVP!


Our Powerlifting program is home to individuals of various abilities and backgrounds. We can accommodate everyone from the beginner to the national level competitor.

The largest group of female Powerlifters in the DFW area resides here as do several masters athletes (AKA Silverbacks)  - many of which are national level competitors. 

We also offer a quarterly "Powerlifting 101" course that runs twelve weeks and helps novice athletes learn how to lift like a champion. 

We also work closely with USPA to host some of the largest events in the DFW area.  The Southern Barbelle Classic (the largest all women's meet in the country) and our very own Arlington Strength Raw classic are both on deck again for 2017. 




Strongman is the fastest growing sport in the country and Arlington Strength is leading the charge. Home to the largest training group in North Texas, the only traveling Strongman team in the state "Team Texas", multiple National level competitors and Professional Strongman Bryan Barrett - we are the home of Strongman training. 

Strongman Saturday starts at 9am unless we're at a competition  so call ahead to verify! We also offer programming, coaching and can answer all of your Strongman related questions.

Next Strongman training class is "Strong|Woman 101" with Sara Geer and Kaitlin Burgess - limited to 20 athletes and will sell out. 

MAS Wrestling


MAS is one of the fastest growing international sports and Arlington Strength is home to the Lightweight North American Champion! 

More information coming soon...