We Low Bar, Press, Bench, Deadlift, and Power Clean, Snatch and Jerk.  We love our 5s and 3s and believe that legitimate strength takes years to build while conditioning can be positively affected in a matter of weeks.

Because a stronger athlete is a better athlete and because a stronger person is harder to kill and thus infinitely more useful.

We offer a free first class trial on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings! RSVP with us by using the blade on the edge of the screen or  contact us  directly today!


Our Powerlifting program is home to individuals of various abilities and backgrounds from beginner to World Champion. The largest group of female Powerlifters in the DFW area (maybe Texas?) resides here as do several masters athletes (AKA Silverbacks)  - many of which are national level competitors.     

We also work closely with USAPL to host some of the largest events in the DFW area.  The Southern Barbelle Classic (the largest all women's meet in the country), our very own Arlington Strength Raw classic and the Texas Raw Championships are all on deck for 2017. 

Strongman is the fastest growing sport in the country and Arlington Strength is leading the charge.  Home to the largest training group in North Texas, the only traveling Strongman team in the state - "Team Texas," multiple Arnold competitors, nationals qualifiers and seasoned competitors - ASC is the place to be! 

Strongman Saturday starts at 9am ($20 cash drop in fee) unless we're at a competition so call ahead to verify!

We also offer programming, coaching and can answer all of your Strongman related questions.

MAS is one of the fastest growing international sports and Arlington Strength is home to the Lightweight North American Champion! 

More information coming soon... 


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Danny and Sara welcomed me with open arms.  They helped me perfect my form, increase my speed, and my lifts go up in weight consistently. The amount of confidence and muscle I have gained since starting at ASC go hand in hand and I continue to see results every single training session.

I've never been a particularly athletic individual, so I was pretty slow to accept the lavel of "athlete" when I started my journey in January at Arlington Strength & Conditioning.  However, since joining ASC, I've gone from just learning how to squat a medicine ball to squatting with my body weight on the bar and then some.

After I moved to Arlington, I discovered Arlington Strength & Conditioning, and it turned out to be the perfect fit, because not only did they have a big focus on strength, but they had established a barbell club which would allow me to compete with a team.