Corporate Wellness

“Good health IS good business.” –Paul Dreschler

Arlington Strength is ready to help you in many ways, from offering your company a corporate discount program to creating a multi pronged approach to help change the culture of your workplace. By partnering with you to help promote behavioral changes, working with perceived logistical barriers and even help you create appropriate incentives to support a complete cultural shift

According to a study published in  the National Center for Biotechnology and Health, American companies are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of creating a culture of health and wellness in the workplace. It is well known and documented that there are "Ten Modifiable Employee Risk Factors" and employees that partake in any combination of seven or more of these factors, on average, cost employers 228% more in health care costs vs those that lack participation in the same risk factors. 

No Exercise


High Blood Sugar

Alcohol Consumption


Poor Diet

High Blood Pressure


High Cholesterol 


The most effective way to tackle these risk factors is to partner with a healthcare provider that can build a fundamentally sound strength and conditioning program for your employees. By working together to open the gateway for your employees, we are able to immediately attack the most basic behavior ("No Exercise") which will have a positive carry over towards the other factors. Through exercise an individual can expect to lower stress, cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure. This in turn will start the wheels turning towards a more body positive diet and image which will help reduce obesity, depression, alcohol and tobacco consumption. Once all these factors are in play and trending in a positive correlation then you'll find yourself with buildings and departments full of happy, strong and healthy employees. This means, less health care costs for the employer as a whole and as an added bonus, a healthier workforce is more likely to be more productive. So the employee and the employer both win out in this strategy. 

If you have a workforce greater than twenty five employees and are ready to help change your company culture, start being more productive as an organization, healthier as individuals and start saving your company money than contact us directly via email ( and let's get the ball rolling! 


Or if you are an employee of a company, large or small, and want to put us in contact with your HR department then send us an email ( and we'll do the leg work for you so that you too can benefit from the programs here at Arlington Strength!